Planning an engagement session? Here are some helpful hints.

Engagement Session Tips & Tricks 

–  If you want a different look, little details can make a big difference. Most of our clients don’t want to change clothes during a shoot. Since engagement shoots typically take place outside, it’s a good idea to consider bringing small accessories to alter your look. You could bring different accessories like scarves, jewelry or hair pieces to change up your appearance easily.

– If possible, bring some different props that you might like to use. We have seen all sorts of different personal props! Some of our clients use these photos for their wedding invitations so that is something to keep in mind. Here are a few ideas to give you inspiration: thank you signs, chalk boards, cups of hot chocolate to sip on, balloons, ice cream cones, musical instruments, kites, a blanket, picnics, pets, sports balls, flowers, books, etc.

– You’ll want to think about how your outfits will look together. It’s helps to keep a consistent color palette. I would avoid text or logos on your clothing because it can be distracting. Please wear comfortable shoes.

– It’s great to catch you both in action so if you can think of any activities you like to share together, please let me know. Bring a Frisbee and your dog if you like! It is best if you approach this engagement shoot as a date, with a photographer present to capture your interaction. This might sound strange, but it works!

– If you have seen a photo you absolutely love, we’d like to see it! It’s always great when my clients pull up the photos on their phones during the photo shoot so I can have a reference. I love lists & photo references!

– If you have any questions, please let us know. I am always here to help and this is such a great way to get to know you both. I’m really looking forward to it! Thanks!

– Allison, Kiss the Bride

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